November 2021 Update

This month has been hectic! Garden 17 is ready for planting and in the nursery at Garden 10 the new plants are coming thick and fast, but not fast enough. We need to produce 9,000 new plants and we are doing perhaps a thousand a week.

I had to leave the production for a trip to Jakarta to confirm our large investor and Paul has kept everything going well.

The lobster ponds are finished with the first lobsters confirming water quality.  We have acquired a water consultant to ensure there is no possibility of sudden changes in water quality or parasites getting in.
Word of our interest has spread, with first an offer of land near Sanur for a demonstration, high technology fish farm, and an invitation to participate in another venture. The second was not of interest, for it involves salmon which are very damaging to the environment when farmed.  I prefer to look at Patin, Indonesia’s most delicious fish.  Might be interesting smoked.

Meanwhile, in Jakarta, I spoke to a Singapore importer who immediately placed an order for 1 to 2 tons per week.  I discussed other produce, and giant freshwater prawns would be good, eels, possibly, as he didn't know the Japanese market, but the excitement when I mentioned giant Javanese frogs! Oh, yes, these will sell in China, Taiwan, many places. Wants as many as we can raise.
Well,  that's interesting.  I've been a fan of these frogs for 50 years, and there does not appear to be anybody raising them anymore.  They used to be farmed in Jember. Other people are farming rock frogs or harvesting from fields, so it should be possible to develop a way of raising them.  The key will be diet and how to feed them. I suspect we shall need a wormery.  Frogs are carnivorous.
Something tells me France and Belgium will want some, and the entire operation will require a processing plant.  I think this can become a sizable industry.

Back on the vanilla front,  we are consolidating, obviously, because Garden 17 is pretty big.  We have set up our first associate farm and we have other enquiries. We don't have Garden 18 identified after a few options fell through after we explained we would have to get rid of our enemy, the coconut palm.  These drop fronds all the time and cause damage to the vanilla plants. They are BIG fronds.

This time of year is admin time.  New articles of association are approved and in place.  Paul has a visa. We are working on next year's budget.  A board of directors is in place and we're working out how to conduct meetings.

Share price has risen to Rp 1,500,000 and looks to be a steady rise in place.  There are still 15,000 shares available.


Rex Sumner

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