Investment Opportunities

In Indonesia

A country that is emerging as a frontrunner in the investment sphere is Indonesia. With the fourth largest population in the world and its mammoth economy that continues to grow year over year, Indonesia has plenty of viable investment options.

Indonesian Tourism:

While the recent global impact of COVID-19 has put a massive dent in the region’s tourism industry, this sector has ample opportunities to invest. This is especially true, if one is looking to snap up a bargain in a sector that will once again rise over the coming years.

Commodities in Indonesia:

Comprising thousands of islands, Indonesia produces a wide variety of raw commodities. Coal, methane, crude oil, natural gas and palm oil play an important role in the country’s commodities production.

Although those items have a negative impact on the environment, on the other side of the coin, the region has a wealth of other more sustainable products such as vanilla, cocoa, tea, palm oil, rubber and rice.

Ethical Investment Opportunities:

Indonesia is also becoming a centre for ethical investments, of which natural, renewable resources are playing a major part. Royal Spice Gardens Indonesia is founded on ethical principles and is offering a limited number of shares to those that want to see sound returns, but also make a difference.

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Investment Opportunities

In Agribusiness

With everyone rushing to invest their hard-earned money in stocks, bonds, and the crazy world of Cryptocurrencies, it appears as if people may have forgotten about agricultural field.

Why Invest in Agriculture?

With a recent global shift in consciousness, where people are demanding more sustainable and fair-trade products, the agricultural sector is bound to explode with agribusiness investment opportunities.

The demand for sustainability is pushing more of the larger scale organisations to connect with smaller farming companies; ensuring proper ethics in the production of their produce and the payment of their workers.

Since there is a finite amount of farmland, there will be a dire need to bridge the gap and improve the efficiency of crops to meet exponentially growing demand. This includes minimising waste, maintaining healthy soil, and finding more effective ways to increase yields.

Within that context, Royal Spice Garden’s has a keen focus on the sector. Vanilla plays a crucial part to the overall mix of products that the company produces and sells to make a profit for investors, care for the environment and support Indonesian culture. Read on to find out more.

Investment Ideas

The Island of Bali

With a vibrant culture, stunning rice terraces, and long stretches of sandy beaches, people flock to Bali in masses.

This Indonesian paradise is the breeding ground for investments and is the perfect place to start if you are looking for new investment ideas.


Bali is flourishing with opportunities to capitalise in the property market.

While some tourists stay in hotels, others opt for the beauty of a villa. Investors have been making money on purchasing land and renting it out to tourists and expats.

Another lucrative investment is renting out cars and motorbikes. Since tourists are swarming to Bali, investors buy motorbikes and rent them out for daily, weekly, and monthly use. This can be extraordinarily profitable, yet on the other hand, unusual changes or shifts in the tourism sector can make these investments volatile.


Three common ways to yield high returns in the agricultural realm are:

  • Crop Yield: receiving a portion of the profit from harvested crops on the land you invested in.
  • Land Appreciation: if the land you buy for farming and harvesting crops appreciates, you reap the benefits.
  • Land Improvements: if you make improvements to the land or start growing other products that bear a higher return, you can increase your revenue.

Although investing in agriculture can seem more unusual than your traditional stocks and bonds, it can be a great addition to increasing your wealth. Scroll down to find out more.

Agriculture Investing

Vanilla Plantations

One alternative investment opportunity that has come up the ranks is investing in vanilla. Vanilla is a noteworthy crop because of the amount of labor it takes to produce a single kilogram.

There is a small window of time where farmers can hand pollinate the blooming orchids, which will already have taken 3 to 4 years to grow.

The intensive process of yielding vanilla makes it the second most expensive spice in the world, falling only behind saffron. 

Madagascar was the world’s largest producer of this spice. However, with back-to-back typhoons in 2017 and 2018, the vanilla production in Madagascar took a hit. Yet, the demand did not decrease.

McCormick & Co., the world’s largest spice company, noted that this massive decline in vanilla has encouraged them to start looking elsewhere for production.

Indonesia may be the answer to the depletion in vanilla resources, as there are farms starting to cultivate this precious crop. With the nickname of “green gold,” Vanilla is an ethical investment idea worth examining.

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Aquaculture Investing

Lobster Farms

We’re very excited about our aquaculture operation. It’s highly profitable; it has a huge market, far bigger than vanilla and it is good for the planet.

We locate small farms in the hills, where we can use running water going through the ponds to prevent any build-up of toxins. We grow our own organic foods, including breeding insects for the protein.

We have not confirmed our final selling price, but we are looking at about $25 per kg. That’s half the sea lobster price, and a bit more than others are selling the lobsters for, but theirs are half the size and fed on pellets.

We estimate the market is a ton a month in Bali and a hundred tons per month in Singapore. If we produce the quality, this will be more. When we succeed in shipping live lobsters, we have the markets of Taiwan, Japan and China lurking in the shadows. China consumes 90% of the world’s crayfish production…

Our goals are to feed the local market next year, with a ton per month by May. That’s $25,000 which will cover all the company costs. We want ten times that by the end of the year and to be testing the export market.

We won’t be able to do this alone and need the local fish farmers helping us. We’ll give them the babies, they’ll give us back the fatted stock. Naturally, we’ll supply the feed for free to them so they are not tempted to use pellets.

This expansion is all about quality control, and that is where we excel.

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Welcoming Young Investors

Share Gift Certificates

Here at Royal Spice Gardens, we are very proud of the good work we are doing, and in particular the way in which we do it. We hope that we are providing a model for others, and an inspiration for young people.

With this in mind, we have designed a special certificate gift pack so people can present shares as gifts to young people.

We hope this pack will help get our message across. You don’t have to ruin the environment to make a living.

So a question for you. Is there somebody to whom you would like to give a share?

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